For Sellers

Why you need a commercial broker when buying or selling your commercial property

Many small businessmen and real estate investors list with the realtor who sold them their house to sell their commercial property. Let me explain why this is a big mistake. Most residential realtors do not understand the zoning implications, municipal approval process and the marketing techniques associated with commercial property.

Residential realtors hardly ever think of zoning because they don’t have to. What do I mean by this? One of the major components of zoning regulations is the permitted uses.
Although there are different residential zoning categories, they all have the same use – residential occupancy. Single family, townhouse, condos, duplex, semi detached, the permitted use is to live in the house. Residential zoning is more critical to the residential developer, but not to the residential consumer. In Commercial real estate, the zoning controls the type of business you can put in.